Vending franchises to sell as a franchise:

Vending machine franchises are a great low cost business opportunity. Clientele can range from workplace lunchrooms, to hotel lobbies, grocery stores, local malls - you name it! It is an industry that allows you to start your business quickly as you do not have to hire several employees and you can invest directly into your service: filling the Vending franchisess and doing the occasional maintenance.

 Healthy Cravings Canada
The current trends in healthier lifestyles has created demands for healthy snack options in vending machines. We have answered the demands by creating Healthy Cravings. Now, you can capitalize on the growing number of health conscious consumers and workplaces who are supporting healthy eating. The timing could not be better to enter one of the largest and fastest growing industries to be seen in many years, the "Healthy Snack Vending industry."
Investement : 10 000 $
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