Répertoire de franchise au Québec : P

Voici si dessous la liste des franchises et des occasions d’affaire dont le nom commence par la lettre P : explorez notre répertoire et choisissez la franchise au Québec qui vous convient.

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 Pizza Pizza
The Pizza Pizza story began in December 1967 in a 300 sq. ft. restaurant at the corner of Wellesley and Parliament Street in Toronto. The initial takeout and delivery location prospered because of our commitment to quality, freshness, customer satisfaction and innovation.
Investissement : 200,000 $
 Pop Shoes
With more than 90 stores, Pop Shoes offers any new investors notoriety in the field of family footwear. Mainly concentrated in Quebec, New Brunswick and Ontario. Pop Shoes is currently considered the largest group of independent footwear retailers in Canada.
Investissement : 75 000$ to 100 000$
PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES is Canada’s leading provider of accounting, tax, financial reporting and payroll services as well as strategic business advice to small businesses since 1966.
Investissement : 45 000 $
Pro Concept Coatings is an exciting breakthrough in the concrete industry. Pro Concept Coatings products will protect and beautify most concrete in a residential or commercial application...
Investissement : $25 000
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